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Kamagra Gold

To date, Kamagra Gold is one of the most popular and best generics of Viagra, and it is completely a full analogue of the world-famous blue pill. The release of this analogue is handled by a well-known Indian pharmaceutical company. This kind of product is offered to customers exclusively in tablet form. This remedy was developed specifically for men who have reached the age of majority, and their further age is of no special significance.

Thanks to carefully thought-out formula and selected components, the product has high efficacy values, although in some cases there may be an individual intolerance to these or other components of the drug. Speaking of side effects, the most serious of them is the redness of the cheeks due to the increase in pressure, as well as a headache. Therefore, if a patient has such symptoms, then he should definitely consult his doctor.

In general, in Europe and in a number of other countries, Kamagra Gold is a worthy alternative to the famous Viagra drug, while its cost is much lower, and the efficiency is in no way inferior. Through the use of the drug, men get an erection and it is longer in time than it is even without any sexual disorders. The drug has no negative effect on male reproductive function, and the administration of the drug can not cause mutations in the chromosomes. And all thanks to the natural effects on the body and its various systems.

Actually Kamagra Gold is intended for representatives of the strong half of humanity who have problems with their erection. Thanks to this drug, you can not only return the erection, but also support it during sexual intercourse, so that it has passed to the utmost. In order to get the maximum effect from the drug, it is necessary for the man to be sexually aroused.

The main substance that underlies the action of the drug is Sildenafil. In its essence, this substance is derived by a synthetic route, after it enters the human body, the metabolic processes receive additional stimulating hits, and also the blood circulation processes are intensified. Particularly blood circulation in the pelvic region and in the penis of the male improves. Also in the composition of Kamagra there are additional components, each of which performs a clearly defined task, for example, the effect of Sildenafil is softened, and also the peak of its action is stretched in time. Thanks to careful work with the composition of the remedy, the developer has managed to minimize the side effects that are often accompanied in pharmacology.

For the average man, the daily dose of the drug is 50 mg, and the tablet should be consumed one hour before the moment when the sexual act should come. Of course, a dose of 50 mg is not a dogma and it can be revised in each case. For example, depending on the specific situation, weight, health status of a man, it can be increased to 100 mg. It should be remembered that per day you should not use more than one tablet of Kamagra Gold.

Another point to consider when taking tablets is the duration of the drug when combined with certain foods. In particular, fatty food can delay the action of this remedy in time, for this reason it is desirable to take the drug on an empty stomach. Also, do not combine the use of the drug with alcohol of any kind, since it is able to completely neutralize the effect of the drug.

Despite the high effectiveness of Kamagra gold, despite the good feedback on the effect of the drug, the developer points out cases when the reception of Kamagra Gold is not recommended, but also is contraindicated. It is about the cases when reception can provoke aggravation of already existed certain problems with human health. For example, reception is prohibited for those men who are hypersensitive to specific components in the composition of the drug.

It is also forbidden to take the pills for those patients who have angina pectoris, as well as severe forms of cardiovascular disease. Also, you should avoid taking Kamagra Gold if you have degenerative diseases of the retina, myocardial infarction, arterial hypotension, or if you recently have had a stroke. Also, men who have serious liver problems should not use the pills.